Repair or Replace? Is It Time?

Every time we enter a new season, a major concern arises. Is our heating or cooling equipment in good shape? Will it keep us comfortable throughout the season? Or, is it time to call on an expert to consider replacement or repair? In making your decision to repair or replace your old unit, here are a few questions you may want to consider:

• The overall condition of your unit.

• Will repairing my old unit cost more over time than replacing it?

• Will the efficiency of the new unit increase?

• Will it cost less to operate a new system?

• Have our warranties on the old unit expired?

• Did we get a second opinion?

Planning ahead with the right advice of your Dealer or Contractor will avoid surprises no matter what season you’re about to prepare for.

Site Unseen Estimate


To obtain a Site Unseen Estimate, please forward the following information to better assist us in assessing your Heating needs:

• Square footage of your home?

• Bungalow. Two Storey, Bi-Level or other?

• Existing Furnace BTUH and Existing Water Heater BTUH?

  BTU = British Thermal Unit. Used for both heating and cooling,

  BTU is a measure of the heat given off when fuel is combusted.

  Found no a Rating Plate on your gas appliances.

• Size of Furnace Chimney? Size of the Water Heater Chimney?


• Do you have Fresh Air Intake to Furnace? Do you have Combustion Air Intake to Furnace Room?

Found around the base of the exterior of your home – aprx. 18” off the ground

These are general questions to help us understand your existing heating systems. In order to finalize pricing, on site visit will be required. If you want to add a picture of your current unit, .


Is your furnace just not heating like it used to?

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