Here’s how we do it for you: 

While we set up for our basic hook-up, we prepare the furnace and duct system to be professionally cleaned.

We remove the fan and motor from the fan compartment. Then, we insert a large 10" suction hose into the fan compartment. This suction hose is connected to a specially-designed compressed-air truck-mounted vacuum unit.

While the furnace and ductwork are under tremendous suction, our two furnace technicians clean each register and vent with our high-pressured air lines and revolutionary duct cleaning tools.

These tools not only allow us to physically clean the main ductwork, but also allow us to get to places that are considered difficult to reach by other cleaning methods. We then visually inspect the furnace and do minor adjustments where required to ensure no problems are present.

This method of cleaning heating and cooling systems removes dirt, dust, lint, and construction where one cannot gain entry with portable blowguns or vacuum brush cleaning equipment.

A basic hook-up includes:

  • Setting up our truck-mounted compressed-air
  • Preparing heating system to be professionally cleaned
  • Providing two technicians for each power vacuum unit
  • Using revolutionary duct cleaning equipment that physically enters main duct systems and reaches areas that are difficult to reach by other cleaning methods
  • Visual inspection of furnace after cleaning to ensure a comfortable heating system

We clean:

  • All registers, ductwork, plenum and pipes
  • Furnace, burners, venting/flue travel and heat exchangers
  • Blower compartment, blower and motor (in general, everything that has to do with the heating system)

"A thoroughly cleaned system helps eliminate dirt, dust, construction in your heating system and airborne pollutants in your home. A proper cleaning also saves money on heating and cooling bills."

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